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St Dunstan in the East - Bombed during the Second World War, the walls and tower remained standing. During the 1960s the land surrounded by the walls of the church were converted into a peacful public garden. In the autumn the garden is seen at its best with the vibrant colours displayed by the large creepers that have grown up around the original church windows.

Knightengild (Public Art) - The beautiful statue is a reminder of the men who owned land in the vicinity in Saxon times. The statue, standing within the precinct of Cutler's Gardens, off Devonshire Square, was moved into one of the quieter courtyards around 2010. It previously occupied a larger quadrangle nearby where it was mounted on a rotating base which turned one degree each day, thus presenting an ever-changing aspect of the bronze. The detailed view (on the right) shows a close-up of the 'chain mail', just below the horse's head, giving some idea of the high standard of workmanship of this piece.

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