About the Website

This Website is one of several maintained by Adrian. Each 'Know Your London' Website carries information to help you get to know Inner London and its history. Some of the Websites are 'open-access'. Others are password protected for members only.


This Website, called the 'Notebook', concentrates on News Stories; illustrated articles on the history of Inner London; and notes of interest to the 'Know Your London' group which meet each month on location for a walk (lasting about an hour) on a Tuesday morning.


There is a 'sister' Website, called the 'Gallery' which presents numerous images that Adrian has taken over the years. He has a collection of slides, prints and digital images covering the whole of Inner London.



Photo by Lucilla Davidson 


Get in Touch

If you would like to contact Adrian, please send an email to:

The address in the box above is an IMAGE and NOT actual text. It cannot be copied and pasted as text. This has been done to prevent search engines looking through this Website and generating spam to this address. Security is given top priority. If you make contact, you can rest assured that your email details will never be passed to a third party.


About Adrian Prockter

Adrian has been lecturing about London to adults for over 40 years. He has a detailed knowledge of the City of London and all the 12 Inner London boroughs. All his lectures are illustrated by slides and digital images he has taken himself.

During the 1980s and 1990s Adrian worked freelance for the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) as history adviser and, among many other assignments, he oversaw the wording and historical accuracy of the large round black plaques to be found all over the Surrey Docks area.

Adrian has been invited to put on large slide-shows, giving historical presentations at the Museum of London. They have included the history of Bankside, in Southwark; the history of the River Thames in Inner London; and a history of Forest Hill and Sydenham.

Adrian is the author of the 'A-Z of Elizabethan London', an index to the very first complete map of Central London which dates from about 1561. Published as an A4-size book, it is published jointly by the Guildhall Library and the London Topographical Society.

Weekly lectures have been given by Adrian at Adult Education Institutes all over Inner London when he ran a six-year course on the history of Inner London.


Lectures by Adrian Prockter

Adrian is happy to give lectures to groups, as a visiting speaker. If you would like to discuss the lecture requirements for your group, please ask for further information. You can download an illustrated pdf brochure by clicking on the line below.


Lecture Details (pdf) --- CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

This file contains a full list of lecture topics given by Adrian Prockter. If you have a group or society and would like me to give an illustrated talk, then download the pdf. It can also be printed in A4 format.

Decide which lecture you would like and make contact by letter, phone or email. Contact details are shown on the front page of the pdf. For security reasons, they do not appear on this Website.

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