Dateline: 22 April 2011 

          Widow's Son, Devons Road          

A female RNVR being supported by her colleagues to place a bun in the net on Good Friday, 22 April 2011. It may be the first time that a lady was chosen to carry out this task.

The Widow’s Son, also known as ‘the Bun House’, stands at 75 Devons Road, Bromley-by-Bow. Both names derive from the story of a widow who put aside a hot cross bun for her son, who was on a sea voyage. He never returned, so she hung the bun from the ceiling in mourning and repeated this act every Easter afterwards. He was due to return home on Good Friday (reputedly in 1824) and asked his mother to bake him some hot-cross-buns.

The widow died in 1848 and the cottage became a pub, taking the name 'The Widow's Son' to remember a mother’s grief. When a pub was built on the site of the poor widow's cottage around 1848. The publican retained the custom and the annual ‘hanging of the bun’ was made a clause in the lease of the building.

The hot cross buns have still been coming every Good Friday left hanging from the ceiling, some as hard as iron.

Sailors to this day perform the ceremony on Good Friday. A Royal Navy sailor adds a new bun to the collection. Sailors from around Britain come to pay their respects to the widow and her son.

In years gone by a religious service was held in the pub, followed by singing, drink and generally having a good time.

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